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Winston’s looked at me like I was crazy when  I told him we could have him back by November.  I was good-wrong by 2 weeks.

Winston Justice, PHL, is back on the line.  Winston spent the first 5 games of the season with a bum knee.  Yesterday, he reported he felt very strong in the upset victory against the Redskins.

Our Injury Healing System based on Energetic Stem Cell Activation, stabilized his knee way faster than I predicted.

Here is the story from Winston Himself:

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Med Free NFL Season / Jason Brown

Ever heard of an NFL player going a whole season without pain meds?

Anybody who has spent a moment within earshot of a NFL football game respects the collision crunch that 300+ pound linemen deliver. These guys pack enough power to pulverize a normal human.

Every hit in every game hurts something, even if you’re big and powerful yourself. Over a season, the pounding piles up.

By mid-season, everything hurts so most players start, and usually end, every day with anti-inflammatory and pain medications. These medications prevent pain from disabling the players, the team, and even the sport. Without these meds, most players would be sidelined with disabling pain from accumulated injury early in the season.

Over the last two seasons, every NFL player who has used WHN healing system reports:

  • Play performance not dependent on medication;
  • Injury does not accumulate through season;
  • Injuries recover fast, usually <1/2 expected time;
  • Reduced risk of severe injury;
  • Feel strong & play hard the entire season;
  • Strong and consistent contribution to the team;
  • No feeling like retirement necessary because of injury.

Why? They don’t hurt any more. They feel good. Their bodies heal so fast, that a week is long enough to recover from last week’s pounding. Damage doesn’t pile up anymore.

Late Season Fresh / Laurent Robinson

Laurent Robinson plays Wide Receiver St Louis MO. He plays Wide Receiver. Our care program started about November 17, with focus on issues that limited play performance:

  • A last-year ankle injury was substantially limiting sprint ability. The ankle caused significant discomfort at each sprint;
  • Season Fatigue – Where cumulative stress from the ongoing season result in less-than-optimal energy and reluctant performance
  • An apparent hamstring issue also limited performance;

Late Season Fresh / Jason Brown

  • No Season Fatigue
  • Getting stronger as season advances
  • Able to recover fully between games
  • No injury accumulation

Ankle Magic / Last Season Leftover

WHN’s new ankle recovery protocol is recovers two pro-football player’s ankle problems in three 20 minute sessions.

Laurent Robinson‘s speed is back on.  A foot sprain that Robotimes author predicted to “linger”, is all gone.  It resolved in three three MagnaPulse sessions over several days.

  • Session 1: 30 Minutes: Resolved range of motion limitations and restored performance;
  • Session 2 & 3: 30 Minutes: Resolved deep ache and arthritic like symptoms – Injury fully resolved;
  • Laurent’s Notes page on
  • 2009 Broken Fibula

High Ankle Sprain?  Check out This Story.

Ankle Magic / High Ankle Sprain

Mike Hoomanawanui. High ankle sprain discomfort resolved.  His response to Magnapulse therapy suggests he might return to the active roster sooner than expected.

Mike’s has been out since his November 29 injury:

  • Session 1 / Day-1: Reports 50% reduction in discomfort.  Swelling visibly reduced.
  • Session 2 / Day-2: Reports 90% resolution of discomfort.  Near normal.
  • Injury Report on Rototimes

4 Days Later:  The News Story of His Surprise Return


Drug Free Injury Care / Jason Brown

Jason Brown describes his medication free injury care process and results using Whole Health Network methods. Jason made this report on week 15 of the 2010 Season. He describes how his at-home tools resolve inflammation and accelerate healing fast enough to surprise his trainer.

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